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Mayor Encourages Police Officers to Help Make the City Safer, Happier to Residents

Mayor Encourages Police Officers to Help Make the City Safer, Happier to ResidentsOn June 12, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a ceremony to present awards to outstanding law enforcement officers in recognition of their commitment and achievements.
During his address, Ko congratulated all the honorees as well as their family members, who form a strong support system behind these officers. He furthered that a major success often cannot be achieved by a single hand; rather, it requires the support of supervisors, coworkers and family members. The mayor reminded the honorees to express gratitude to those who have offered them help while sharing the happiness from receiving the award.
Ko said statistics show a decline in violent crimes and an increase in intelligent crimes, adding that the city’s legal enforcement as well as traffic management efforts should move in the direction of smartization to accommodate these trends. According to the mayor, many digitalization changes in the city’s police department have taken place over the years and will continue into the future.
Citing the Crime Index 2017 compiled by Numbeo.com of which Taipei is listed as the third safest city among the world’s 378 cities with a crime index of 15.76, Ko attributed the city’s low crime rate to the hard work of the police force.
At the end of his address, the mayor wished a happy Police Officers’ Day to all the cops.