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Mayor Attends TICDA Founding Ceremony, Encourages Industrial Innovation

TICDA     The Taiwan Industrial Cooperation Development Association held its founding ceremony today and elected its first standing directors, standing supervisors and chairman. Many representatives from different industries attended. Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je was invited to address the crowd with a speech. 
     Chen Po-hua, the new Chairman, said in his speech that the association will focus on its main purpose of developing Taiwanese industries and assisting in the country’s development. The association will act as a channel to connect industries in innovative development. By combining the efforts of all sectors including industry, government, politics, academic institutions, and communities, the association intends to offer different training to talents needed in the domestic industry, running expos at home and aboard, arranging site visits, suggesting enterprises take appropriate corporate social responsibilities, arranging charity events, etc. to encourage Taiwanese industries to cooperate with each other in development.
     Mayor Ko shared his political vision and ideals in his speech. Emphasizing the importance of innovation, he pointed out a few examples, such as the removal of the Zhongxiao bridge ramp, roadside parking charges, and the Taipei Lantern Festival. Taking the “One Day Cycling Challenge from Fugui Cape Lighthouse to Eluanbi Lighthouse” as an example, Mayor Ko encouraged the association to gather diverse opinions from industry, government, politics, academic institutions, and communities under the lead of the new Chairman. He looks forward to see the association build up a core ethic for Taiwanese industries by becoming the most important social organization assisting national development. At the same time, Ko Wen-je wished for the successful and sustainable development of the association. By inviting more talented elites to join, the association would then be able to contribute more to Taiwan.
     To assist in the innovative development of the city, Taipei’s government has proactively encouraged industry, with many innovation and business creation-related policies. Taipei led the country in establishing the “StartUP@Taipei” office to help business starters. The agency offers many resources for business starters, including guiding enterprises in applying for different awards in Taipei that offer sponsorship and capital funding. The mayor has raised over NT$1.1 billion in funds since his initial term in office. Also, the city government proactively connects Taipei with the global market by encouraging innovative enterprises with international market potential to explore opportunities overseas and connecting them with global resources. By increasing Taipei’s innovative capabilities, over 59 cases (48 companies) received sponsorship since 2016 to visit international business starter events or enter international startup and incubation accelerator programs. Successful investments raised a total of over NT$80 million of funding.
     For enterprises that want to find out more, please visit the Taipei business starters website on the Department of Economic Development official website, inquire on the Taipei business starters Facebook fan page, or visit “StartUP@Taipei office” in person (Address: 1F., North Wing, No. 1, Shifu Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City). For inquiries please call: 02-27208889 or 1999#6498,1431