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2009 Taipei Metro EXIT Music Festival

The "2009 Taipei Metro EXIT Music Festival," organized by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) and Cathay United Bank, will kick-off on November 21. This annual event features different kinds of musical themes and styles.
Taipei is a city that encompasses elements of fashion, romance, art, LOHAS, and tradition. Taipei's MRT carries the beautiful memory of our lives.
To continue the music festival's success from last year, TRTC will hold the Taipei Metro EXIT Music Festival this year, spotlighting the new theme "MRT is life!" By holding these performances, TRTC hopes that the public will appreciate the true values of the MRT; the metro system is not simply a means of transportation, but also a part of the city's cultural life.
The music festival will start on November 21, with activities and concerts every Saturday at the Jiannan Rd. Station Square and Dahu Park for five consecutive weeks.
There will be a total of five splendid and spectacular performances. These include an afternoon children's classical concert by Taiwan International classical musicians; a morning classical music concert by Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra; an afternoon concert by diverse Taiwanese ethnic group singers; an evening concert by many popular stars; and a Broadway-style Big Band Jazz evening concert.
The organizers hope that the music of the festival can enrich the daily life of our residents, allowing them to experience a different kind of "Taipei metropolitan style."