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Mayor Visits Neihu Technology Park, Receives Briefing on Local Traffic

Mayor Chiang inspects traffic conditions at Neihu Technology ParkIn the early evening of December 29, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at Neihu Science Park to observe firsthand the traffic congestions in the area during peak hours. He also attended a briefing by the Department of Transportation (DOT) on the topic.


After the presentations from both DOT and the Taipei City Police Department, the mayor expressed his gratitude to the police force for dispatching uniformed officers and volunteer traffic wardens to key intersections in the district to enforce clearance of intersections and routine patrols. 


Thanks to the increased presence of traffic cops, there has been positive changes to the overall traffic situation. The Police Department will continue to carry out the measures by either shortening or extending shifts of officers based on actual needs. 


The mayor also instructed DOT to continue to monitor and track the effectiveness of the strategies. The agency will also adopt a rolling assessment to evaluate the results as reference for formulating mid- and long-term plans. The current short-term approach is to boost police presence during peak hours to keep the intersections clear. The mid-range plans include increasing the volume of public transportation to encourage residents to reduce their dependency on private vehicles. The long-term strategy focuses on working with companies to divert work hours, thereby freeing up pressure on the road during rush hours. The city government will also speed up constructions of the east section of MRT Circular Line and MRT Minsheng-Xizhi Line.


Chiang also plans to establish a municipal-level task force to work on improving Neihu’s traffic, hoping to achieve comprehensive results.