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2009 Metro Senior Citizen's Festival: Concert for the Elderly

The concert for the elderly is to help create awareness about caring for senior citizens. Besides, it also helps to raise awareness about senior citizens' safety. Starting from 2005, the Taipei Metro has been actively holding events for senior citizens to fulfill the concept of serving the community, so that senior citizens feel appreciated when they travel by MRT.
This year, Taipei Metro is organizing the Metro Senior Citizen's Festival - A concert for the elderly on October 23-24, 2009 7 p.m. at Jiannan Rd. Station Plaza. Some well-known singers will call for attention to the issue of caring for the elderly, and they will perform a number of classic songs. On the day of the concert, senior citizens will receive some souvenirs and the event will include a photo shooting session for senior citizens and thier families.
Starting on 12 October, we invite you to upload old photos. There will be an old photos exhibition on the day of the concert. For more event information, please visit the Taipei Metro Web site at www.trtc.com.tw or contact the Taipei Metro 24-hour customer service: (02) 218-12345 for queries.
"Provide the best service quality and care!" has always been valued by the Taipei Metro. In order to continue our care for passengers and to draw public attention to concern for the elderly, we have invited a number of well-known singers to perform on the eve of the Metro Senior Citizen’s Festival this year and to promote the idea that passengers ought to pay attention to the safety of and be courteous to the elderly, as well as women and children. This year’s Metro Senior Citizen’s Festival will be held over two days. We sincerely invite everyone to attend this enjoyable concert!