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Smart Payment Discount for Roadside Parking Fees Extended till June

RoadsideParkingAPP     The Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office (PMA) will continue to promote the use of smart payment and collection for city services, as well as the increased adhesion of existing users. The campaign involving “10% discount on payments for roadside parking fees in Taipei City made using smart payments” has been extended to the end of June, 2019.
     Due to the enthusiastic response of the public, over 1 million parking tickets have been paid using smart payment and collection from August 16 to the end of December, 2018 and the collection ratio has exceeded 10%. In addition to extending the duration of the 10% discount, some smart payment operators have put out additional offers: you can enjoy a 2% to 4% return by using apps such as JKOPay, O’Pay, and Pi Wallet. Payments of over NT$500 via Gama Pay are rewarded with deductible gifts and bundled consumable bank rewards. Other companies will also launch discounts, hoping to attract more people to participate in the event.
     All users need to do is to download one of the apps connected with the Taipei City smart payment platform “pay.taipei” (there are currently 7 choices available: Pi Wallet, O’Pay, JKOPay, Gama Pay, FriDay Wallet, Taipei Fubon Bank, and ezPay. Three other companies, DigiPay, AutoPass, and BeePay, will be added in the future). After registering as a member and binding credit cards, bank accounts or stored value accounts, you can scan the barcode on the second segment of the parking ticket or enter the license plate number to obtain parking infraction details and then follow the instructions to easily pay roadside parking fees without any restrictions. Users are also welcome to access additional functions introduced by selected partner companies, such as push notifications aimed at reducing forgotten payments due to busy schedules.