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Limited-run Bunny Ears Lantern for 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei

The limited 'bunny ear lantern' for 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in TaipeiAfter 23 years, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has finally returned to Taipei! This is the first time for the event to be held in a downtown environment. To make the experience more intimate for visitors, Taipei City Government is working with design and shopping platform Pinkoi to offer a variety of licensed products.


Starting December 28, the Year of the Rabbit “Limited Bunny Ear Lantern” will be available for preordering. The unique lantern overturns the stereotypical image of traditional lanterns, transforming it into something that can be worn on top of the head! 


Wear the bunny ear headband lantern to become a part of the festival! The collaboration between Pinkoi and Afterain Design, the special headdress actually features an inflatable balloon with installed LED lights which make the bunny ears glow. The stainless-steel headband is durable and provide support for long periods of wear. There are two choices for color – classic white and futuristic foil. 


In addition to the bunny ear lantern, a large selection of lantern festival licensed products will be on sale via Pinkoi’s online platform, as well as through physical popup stores at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Xiangti Avenue Plaza. Online preorders for the bunny ears lantern will be accepting starting at noon on December 28. Supply is limited to 13,000 sets and each individual can purchase a maximum of 2 sets. Customers can either pick up the merchandise at the lantern festival venue, via one’s local convenient store, or delivery to the doorstep.


2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival Bunny Ears Lantern 

**Preorder begins at noon, December 28

Classic White Version: 1 set for NT$299/ 2 sets for NT$500

Futuristic Foil Version: 1 set for NT$299

The product can be picked up at Lantern Festival Venue (1st floor of City Hall) with no delivery charge. The fee for home delivery is NT$130. Pickup service via convenience store costs NT$80.  

Link: https://pinkoi.io/qAca