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Mayor Visits Sanitation Squad, Praises Crew for Keeping the City Clean

Mayor Chiang shaking hands with sanitation workersAccompanied by Environmental Protection Commissioner Wu Sheng-chung, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at the Xinyi District Squad Parking Lot to greet the members of the local sanitation crew in the evening of December 26.


The mayor also inspected the Zhongxing Park Garbage Collection Station to learn more about the transport and disposal of waste materials by sanitation squads. He expressed his gratitude to the squad members for helping Taipei maintain a tidy environment and assisting residents with end-of-the-year household cleanups. He also wished them an early Happy New Year.


Chiang remarked that the hardworking sanitation staff are out in the street doing their job in the wee hours, when the vast majority of citizens are still asleep. To help keep the city tidy, they have to work on chores spanning trash sorting to kitchen waste recycling to ditch cleaning.


Pointing out that the 2023 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party is taking place this weekend, the mayor stressed that a large crowd turnout is expected. Furthermore, with Chinese New Year right around the corner, it will likely require the full effort of sanitation crew members to keep the streets clean and transport the trash. 


He believes that a great city depends on great sanitation workers. That is why one of the first things he is doing as Taipei’s new mayor is to visit the industrious cleaning crew. In addition to showing his support, he also wants to listen to their views. They are important partners in opening up a bright future for the city and making it better.


According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the agency expects to mobilize over 700 sanitation workers for the upcoming countdown event at City Plaza to support the cleanup effort at entry points and MRT stations near the venue. It also calls upon would-be revelers to bring reusable wares and utensils to reduce litters.