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City Mourns Death of Police Officer

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin paid his respects to fallen police officer Lai Chi-yen at Mackay Memorial Hospital on November 10. Lai was fatally stabbed by a suspect during transportation.
During an interview with the media, the mayor said he was devastated by the incident. The failure to comply with standard operating procedures (SOP) for transporting detainees, noted the mayor, cost us the life of an outstanding police officer.
Hau promised the family members of Officer Lai that the City will investigate the incident further and examine administrative faults. He also instructed Zhongshan District Police Station to look after funeral arrangements and survivor’s pension for the officer killed in the line of duty.
Responding to questions during a session at City Council, Police Commissioner Hsieh Hsiu-neng reported that disciplinary actions have been taken against several officers: the district chief received one demerit; the chief of Dazhi substation received two demerits and was demoted; the substation deputy chief received one demerit; and the officer making the initial arrest received one major demerit. The commissioner has also requested disciplinary action for himself.
To ensure police officers comply with SOPs, the mayor instructed Commissioner Hsieh to include the specific case in the course material for police training programs.