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Chengde Road Pavement Overhaul Makes Traveling Smoother

As one of Taipei’s major thoroughfares, Chengde Road is an important artery for bothOverhauled section of Chengde Road Section 4 northbound and southbound traffic traveling between Taipei Railway Station and Shilin/Beitou districts. 


Due to heavy traffic volume over the years, the deterioration of road pavement has been fairly obvious. Following evaluation, the Public Works Department chose Chengde Road Section 4 (between Jiantan Road and Danan Road) as the initial section for an overhaul. The agency reported that related works have concluded, making traveling much easier for vehicles on the road. 


Chief Hsiao from New Construction Office’s (NCO) Public Works Section noted that this part of Chengde Road is located near important institutions such as Bailing Senior High School and Taipei Performing Arts Center, as well as a number of banks offices, and the Shilin Night Market. Due to regular reports of rough road surface, cracks, and potholes, NCO decided to act and fix the pavement in 2023. 


The length of the section being refurbished covers a distance of roughly 976 meters. Initial assessment indicated roughly 13 potholes, cracks, and dents. A total of 1,499 square meters in road foundation area have been revamped, along with adjustments of 34 manholes to ensure a smoother road surface. The cost of the construction is NT$11.2 million. 


According to Chief Wang of NCO North Region Office, the road surface that underwent renovation is bigger than the space taken up by two soccer fields. Measuring 16,500 square meters, the pavement surface overhaul was carried out late at night when there is relatively low traffic flow in the area. The workers invested a total of two nights to complete the project. The primary material used for the overhaul is asphalt concrete, making the road pavement more durable to frequent movement of cars and trucks.