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Group Registration Welcomed for Students for Guided Tour at the Discovery Center of Taipei Meet ‘Bravo’ and Get Cool Stickers

With Taipei Universiade around the corner, The Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT, 台北市政府觀光傳播局) presented the “Ready to Go! Bravo!” Special Exhibition in the Special Exhibition Hall on the 2nd floor of the Discovery Center of Taipei (台北探索館2樓特展廳), featuring “Bravo’s Home”, in which allows close contact between the citizens and the mascot. That is more exciting is that a special guided tour catering to children will take place in April, awaiting you to press the sign-up button.
As the temperature rises it is time to put on some spring outfit. Bravo will be all dressed up with Azalea wreath intertwined with peach, pink and scarlet flowers to meet you at Taipei City Hall. On every Thursday morning from 10 AM to 11:30 AM from April 6th to August 30th one can meet Bravo in person if participating in the guided tour on the 2nd floor of Taipei Discovery Center. Our prestigious tour guides and zealous volunteers will lead the participants to the City Discovery Hall on the 3rd floor and the “Dialogue with Time” Hall on the 4th. Later on, singing and dancing activity led by Bravo and a quiz contest will round up the tour. The lucky ones can earn a hug from Bravo and take a Bravo doll home.
This event is open to preschool children and grouped elementary school students only (with 100 people at most per tour) on every Thursday morning. Please sign up at our official website at http://discovery.gov.taipei. Every participant will receive a Bravo sticker as welcome gift. Be there or be square!