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Mayor Announces New Subsidies for Tourists Visiting Taipei

City officials introducing the new tourism subsidyTo attract more tourists to visit Taipei, the city government held the Taipei safe tourism press conference to announce the Taipei Bonus Go Initiative on November 24. The new deal offers 100,000 individual tourists and 100,000 group tourists visiting Taipei subsidies from December 1 through March 7.
In light of the pandemic, the city government introduced the initial sets of subsidies for 30,000 group tourists to stimulate local tourism in mid-July. According to Mayor Ko Wen-je, the upcoming incentive will offer 10,000 individual tourists a subsidy of NT$1,000 each beginning December 1. For group tourists, the subsidy is NT$1,000, which is limited to 100,000 individuals starting December 24.
With a duration lasting through the end of Taipei International Lantern Festival in 2021, the city government has allocated a budget of roughly NT$200 million for this program to support local hotels and the accommodation sector.
According to the mayor, Taipei makes the majority of tourism income from international tourists. In the past, roughly 92-percent of international tourists who visit Taiwan will spend a night in Taipei. Today, Taipei’s tourism industry has taken a severe hit given the significant drop of global travelers. With no end of the pandemic in sight, the city government decided to implement a second wave of tourism subsidies offering a broader coverage. Hopefully, the initiative will provide enough support to tourism-related business such as hotels, commercial districts, tour agents, and night markets during the difficult times.
The city government has also organized a series of winter activities lasting from the end of November through March 2021. The four-month-long period comprises events such as 2020 Taipei Xmas, 2020 Gongguan Christmas Season, New Year’s Eve Countdown Party, 2021 Chinese New Year Street Bazaar, and 2021 Taipei International Lantern Festival – as well as smaller-scale events such the Chrysanthemum Show at Shilin Residence and the King of Qingshan Ritual in Bangka.