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Minglun Social Housing: Now Accepting Applications

The newly-completed Minglun Social Housing in Datong DistrictRecently completed, the Minglun Social Housing Community is now accepting applications from potential tenants starting November 26. In addition to a raffle for determining lucky winners from a possibly large pool of applicants, roughly 7-percent of the units available will be reserved for young people to realize housing justice and social development.
Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the press event and led the press on a tour of the building and housing units.
The social housing community is located on the site of former Minglun Elementary School, which was shut down in August 2013 after the school merged with nearby Dalung Elementary School. As a way of revitalizing the local community, the current administration decided in 2016 that new social housings – named after the defunct school – will be constructed on the site. The completed 11-story complex has 2 basement floors and take up a total area of 8639 square meters.
The Minglun Social Housing Project is the first of its kind to be designed, constructed, and completed under Mayor Ko. The project fully reflects the logic and values of the administration, as well as realizing the mayor’s 4 fundamental objectives for social housing projects in Taipei.
The mayor pointed out that the purpose of the project is to realize housing justice. While many people cannot afford a house, the city government hopes to offer units which they can rent. The second point is to implement urban aesthetics by designing public housings in a way that rival private projects in terms of functions and appearance. Thirdly, the new facility must be modernized and “smart.” That is why the mayor required Minglun Social Housing to be certified smart, green, quake-resilient, and barrier-free. 
Ko reminded the public that the deadline for submitting applications is December 9. The raffle will be conducted in January 2021, and the lucky winners will be able to move into their new homes by March.