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Taipei City Government and Taipei Fubon Bank have Signed a New Government Treasury Agent Bank Contract, Creating a Triple-win Situation.

Taipei City Government, in response to the expiration of the agency treasury contract, initiated a public selection process for the treasury agent bank, selecting Taipei Fubon Bank, and successfully completed the contract signing on November 10, 2023. In the future, the bank will provide efficient and higher-quality financial services.


The Department of Finance (DOF), Taipei City Government stated that the treasury agent bank handles over 20 million collections of taxes and fees for various government agencies each year, along with over 2 million disbursement cases. It manages nearly 900 special accounts deposits and over 110,000 lodged items in custody for government agencies, making it a crucial partner for Taipei City Government in implementing various policies. For the first time in this selection process, information security measures and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations were included as evaluation criteria. It is hoped that by emphasizing financial transaction security and encouraging financial institutions to prioritize net-zero transition.


Hu Hsiao-lan, the commissioner of DOF, further explained that through the signing of this new treasury agent contract, deposit interest rates of government treasury will be increased, and interest rates on municipal construction loans will be significantly reduced, easing Taipei City Government's debt interest burden. For example, in November, it is estimated that the contract signing will save approximately 100 million NTD in interest over one year, though it will depend on the overall market interest rate trends.


Since taking office, Mayor Chiang, Wan-an has not only emphasized fiscal discipline but also focused on improving the efficiency of public services. The future treasury agent bank will actively introduce various digital financial service projects, utilizing automation facilities and system platforms to provide the public with more diverse and convenient payment channels, enhancing the quality of public service. In addition, in coordination with the centralized disbursement system optimization, it will provide government agencies, schools, and the public with safer, faster, and more efficient disbursement services.


After signing the new agency treasury contract, Taipei City Government and Taipei Fubon Bank will work together to create a situation where efficient and high-quality treasury agent services result in a triple win for Taipei City Government, Taipei Fubon Bank, and the citizens.