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New DORTS Commissioner Takes the Helm

On August 10, City Spokesperson Chao Hsin-ping announced the resignation of Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) Commissioner Chang Chi-te. Richard Chen will be replacing the outgoing commissioner.
Chang submitted his resignation to Mayor Hau Lung-bin on August 8. The commissioner indicated that he is taking the responsibility for a series of system malfunctions that has been plaguing the MRT Neihu Line in the past month.
Chen has held several key positions at Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) prior to his appointment as advisory officer for Taipei City Government. According to Spokesperson Chao, the former chairman/president of TRTC and deputy commissioner of DORTS is very familiar with the operation of Taipei’s MRT.
The incoming commissioner said he will submit a thorough report on the MRT Neihu Line to the mayor after carrying out an in-depth evaluation. Based on his former work experience at DORTS and his understanding of operations, Chen has confidence in providing the best advice on improving performance.
The spokesperson stressed that the City will not permit the hard-won reputation of the city’s mass transit system to be tainted by the performance of contracted companies. In addition to demanding the companies to abide by the strictest standards, the city government will investigate the responsibilities of the related companies as well.
To improve the operations of the MRT Muzha and Neihu lines, Taipei City Government will be establishing a dedicated task force for the purpose. The team will comprise the mayor, deputy mayor, secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, and staff from both TRTC and DORTS.