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Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service Promotes Reusing Scrapped Public Property in Response to Environmental Protection

Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service (TCSSLS), was established 72 years ago, has held public activities, including the hiking and mountain cleaning event in Bailusi Mountain Trail in Neihu District on 22 June, 2024 in response to environmental protection. The TCSSLS encourages our colleagues and the public to get close to nature and appeals to everyone for acting of cleaning up litter in daily life to cherish and protect our planet.

Hu Hsiao-lan, commissioner of the Department of Finance, and Lin Kun-hua, director of the TCSSLS, attended the hiking and mountain cleaning event held by the TCSSLS with our colleagues and families. The commissioner praised the TCSSLS for promoting environmental sustainability through taking practical actions with great effort. She also encouraged the TCSSLS to continue to promote the Taipei Shwoo Website and to improve the quality and efficiency of the services. She encouraged the public to make a bid on the Taipei Shwoo Website to purchase the scrapped public property instead of buying new products to protect our environment in daily life.

Lin Kun-hua, director of the TCSSLS, stated that Taipei Shwoo Website was established in 2008, with a transaction turnover of NT$2 million in the first year. After a 16-year effort, the turnover exceeded NT$250 million in 2023, and the cumulative turnover of NT$1.7 billion. Taipei Shwoo Website successfully changes the mode of handling scrap property of the public sector and creates a circular economy. To encourage the public to participate in response to environmental protection, the TCSSLS has partnered EasyCard cooperation, from now on to 30 June, 2024, those who make payments by EasyCard on the Taipei Shwoo Website can get 3% cashback (an additional 1% for new member in the month is included) for every transaction amount.  This activity helps people save money and protect the environment in the meanwhile.