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Latest report on “Taipei Beautiful”

Due to Taipei as the hosting city of Flora Expo 2010, it is necessary for Taipei to improve urban landscape so to welcome foreigners brought by the expo. The issues should address not only physical environment improvement in terms of aesthetic enhancement but also public and private sectors cooperation in urban landscape improvement under the program of“Taipei Beautiful”. The program was officially launched after announcement at the Mayors press conference on 1 April 2009.
In the city administration meeting on August 11 2009, Department of Urban Development reported the up-to-date occurrence about“Taipei Beautiful” projects. The mayor called for that the program, including 8 action plans and 3 integrated plans, would be set as the lasting tasks for the city government. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the projects, he also requested that departments, which are responsible for the projects, should keep an eye on the progress of public constructions as well as encourage the private sector to participate in.