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Mayor Accepts Cabinet Resignation, Thanks City Officials for Making Taipei Better

Mayor Ko and cabinet members in front of city hallOn December 20, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the resignation ceremony of deputy mayor and city commissioners. 


He started his address by thanking Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun, who was unable to attend the ceremony in person. He also expressed his gratitude to city hall employees for their hard work which helped realize numerous accomplishments over the past eight years. Deputy Mayor Pong Cheng-sheng, Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming and city commissioners were also recognized for their support of city policies and roles in bringing changes and innovation to Taipei. 


Recalling his first day of work, the mayor talked about how his task to dismantle the Zhongxiao West Road designated bus lane kicked-off the quest of transforming Taipei City. Every day, his meetings start at 7:30 AM. For this, he is grateful that over 30 years of training at National Taiwan University Hospital helped shaped his discipline. The daily meetings established a PM system to oversee city administration by adopting a rational, practical, and scientific approach in governance. 


Ko pointed out that over the past eight years, the city government tackled a wide range of issues spanning infrastructure expansion to social housing construction to market overhauls. In addition to implementing the East District and West District Gateway projects, it also added new facilities such as Taipei Music Center and Taipei Performing Arts Center. While Taipei Dome Complex hasn’t opened its doors to the public, much of the related lawsuits and disputes have been resolved and all it takes is the central government to give the green light. 


Preparations for future projects have also begun, including plans and budget for the Taipei City Music and Library Center. Construction is also being carried out for the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Expansion Project. 


The mayor noted that open and transparency are a part of the culture. His team stays true to the virtues of honesty and diligence, as well as empathy for the people and the homeland. Focusing on work is an administrative culture, and the core of politics is the ability to execute policies. The changes in Taipei City have been realized, and he looks forward to its continuation in the future. The next team under the new mayor will take up the responsibilities on December 25, and he looks forward to seeing additional progress in the future.