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Restored Qingyunge Mansion Opens to the Public

The QYG ArtThe opening ceremony for the historical monument Qingyunge Mansion (QYG Art) was held on October 20.


The overhauled building is a facility merging art space with various services. It is also a venue for holding diversified activities ranging from exhibition to saloon gatherings to workshop. Illuminating the street corner of Wanhua with warm and tender lights at night, QYG Art promises to attract the attention of visitors in the area. 


Deputy Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Tian Wei remarked that the Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) received news about the dismantling of the Qingyunge Mansion in July of 2014. It immediately ordered a halt to works, so assessment of the building’s historical value can be carried out. Unfortunately, the building was torn down within a week, and the violator was slapped with a fine of NT$500,000. 


The incident prompted DOCA to shorten the process of listing and assessing buildings that may have historical values. The deputy commissioner expressed his gratitude to the property’s owner Urban Development Concept Holdings for submitting a restoration and reuse plan in compliance with regulations and invested NT$30 million into the project. He also thanked architect Hu Tzung-hsiung for conducting inspection and research on the details of the former mansion, which played an important role in restoring many of the features of the original building such as the lattice windows and intricate columns. 


Qingyunge Mansion is located in an area in Bangka that served as the yukaku (red light district) zone during the Japanese Colonial Period. The mansion has been known by many names over the years, including Hequanlou and Zuihuayuan. The mansion’s architecture boasts details such as roughcast herald pattern and horizontal floral decors, creating an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur. 


QYG Art:

Pilot Opening Period: October 20 – 23, Oct. 28 – 30, Nov. 5-7

Business Hours: 1 PM – 6 PM

Address: No. 20, Alley 6, Lane 5, Huanhe S. Road Sec. 2, Wanhua District

Instagram Page: Qingyunge Mansion Instagram