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DOIT’s Project Wins Open Group India Awards

Commissioner Lu speaking at the award ceremony of the Open Group India Awards 2022The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) claimed the Open Group India Awards 2022 in the category of TOGAF Standard/Enterprise Architecture.
The jury of the competition recognizes the effort of Taipei City Government in employing Taipei GEAF (Government Enterprise Architecture Framework) to combine TOGAF international standards and the FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework) of the US to establish a basis for digital transformation, spanning areas from system placement strategy to budget review to achievement indices. It also provides for full-spectrum IT governance and a model case for smart city.
Taipei GEAF incorporated key concepts from FEAF and adopted standards from the TOGAF Standard. The resulting framework assists Taipei City Government in handling work flows in areas such as IT system inventory, IT governance implementation, and digital service improvement.
Under this approach, DOIT created a comprehensive strategy covering the aspects of structure, responsibility framework, technology structure, and more. It also enables the city government to correlate with IT businesses and the private sector, thereby allowing the digital transformation of the city to progress in an orderly fashion.
India is the Asian region organizer for the 2022 Open Group Awards. The competition attracted roughly 30 submissions from Southeast Asia, India, Middle East, and Africa. Taipei City Government’s proposal emerged from the fierce competition to claim the award.
DOIT Commissioner Simon Lu represented Taipei City Government in receiving the award from General Manager Pallab Saha of Open Group India. Lu remarked that the shift towards e-government has become an important administrative topic worldwide, with governments from different nations exploring the possibilities offered by enterprise architecture. The Open Group India Award acknowledges Taipei City Government’s efforts in realizing digital transformation.