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New Destination for Sunset Photos: Shuangxi Wetland Park

/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8909542/e0937a61-cc11-416e-a8e3-a3dbb511b94f.jpgFlocks of migrant birds taking off in the backdrop of a setting sun is a scene that touches the heart of onlookers. For those looking for a place to capture such iconic shot, why not try the Shuangxi Wetland Park?


Opening its doors to the public on December 21, the new facility is located in Shilin District. The wetland park utilizes the front pool of Shilin Pumping Station as its water source. It employs the mechanism of Mother Nature to transform waste water into usable water by sending it through the sedimentation basin and densely vegetated area before emptying into the eco pool.


Furthermore, over 260 trees line up along the path and trails inside the park. They include many indigenous species such as Formosan gum tree, camphor tree, and Taiwanese crepe myrtle tree. Visitors can walk along these trails and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The area is also a great place for people to relax in the midst of a busy city.


The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) highlighted several unique characteristics of the park, including the waterside trail which leads to the center of the eco pond which is surrounded by a variety of wildlife and plants, and a view deck where people can catch a glimpse of the surrounding from a vantage point. The park’s location at the intersection of Shuangxi and Keelung River makes it an ideal place to watch sunsets. 


Chief Hsu of GEO’s Slope Land Building Section remarked that while taking up roughly 2.3 hectares in area, the Shuangxi Park is actually a small park. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the use of space. That is why plans for parking lots have been scrapped at an early stage in favor of an ecosystem allowing for water purification. Visitors are encouraged to take public transportation or ride to the park on bicycles. Drivers can park their vehicles at the nearby Taipei Children’s Amusement Park.