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EasyCard to Inaugurate e-Money Function in March

Mayor Hau Lung-bin, EasyCard Corporation General Manager Jason Lin, and President Chain Store Corporation CEO James Hsieh held a joint press conference on January 29 to announce the inauguration of small-value purchase function of the EasyCard in March.
According to EasyCard Corporation, the new small-value purchase function will be accepted at over 10,000 convenience stores island-wide, including 7-Eleven, OK-Mart, Hi-Life, and Family Mart.
Hau remarked that he is pleased with the fact that the new function for the EasyCard to be added so soon – roughly a year’s time since he made the declaration last year following the passing of related legislations by the Legislative Yuan. EasyCard can be used for a number of services such as renting YouBike, visiting Taipei Zoo,
borrowing books at the Taipei Public Library, riding TRA trains, and more.
The mayor pointed out that in Hong Kong’s case, the number of stores accepting the Octopus Card (Hong Kong’s stored value smart card) for payment of small-value purchases grew to 16,000 over an eight-year period; Taipei, on the other hand, will have 10,000 stores accepting the EasyCard following the launch of this new function.
This new function will transform the EasyCard from a fare payment card for the public transport system to an e-wallet that can be used at many places across the nation, symbolizing the advances of this city.
Lin said individuals who exercise in the morning could simply bring the EasyCard with them, freeing them from the hassle of carrying coins; the convenient e-wallet can take care of the payments for breakfast, bus rides, and MRT rides.