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Mayor Attends DEP Outstanding Workers Award Ceremony

Mayor Chiang with the winners of the DEP Outstanding Workers AwardOn April 25, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the 2023 Taipei City Government Department of Environmental Protection Outstanding Workers Award Ceremony at city hall. He presented the award to 155 sanitation workers, noting that their hard work around the clock play a decisive role in keeping the city clean and tidy.


The mayor pointed out that these workers carry out their duties even during the wee hour when most of the population are still asleep. During major events such as the New Year’s Countdown Party and Taiwan Lantern Festival, they go about their job removing litters and keeping the venues free of trash. At nighttime, citizens who hear the melodies of Fur Elise know that it is time to bring out the trash to the sanitation workers traveling with the garbage trucks. 


That is why the first thing Chiang did as Taipei’s mayor is to meet the sanitation workers and learn about their work conditions, work environment, and needs. 


During the pandemic period, the employees of DEP wear PPE to continue their duty of collecting garbage and assist COVID patients in removing trash from their house. They contribute to the staffing of curbside vaccine stations and rapid testing stations during the pandemic as well. 


Chiang remarked that he is taking this opportunity to express his gratitude to the sanitation workers for supporting the city’s day-to-day operation and key policies. He also praised the award winners for doing a great job and asked for everyone’s support to help make Taipei a livable and sustainable city.