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Taipei Riverside Kids’ Festival on 7/15! Registration will begin on 7/7 at 8 AM.

The annual Taipei Riverside kids’ festival will be held this year from July 15 to 23 at Dajia Riverside Park for 9 consecutive days. All activities will be free, including many water activities for kids. Its online registration will start on July 7 at 8:00. Each day, there will be a total of three games and each game will have a registration capacity of 150 people. For more information, please go on the website: Travel Taipei (https://www.travel.taipei/en/).
The Department of Information and Tourism chief Ye Huan Hui states that this year’s Taipei Riverside kids’ festival will be even more spectacular than the previous one. With the theme of water park, there will be activities such as water games, performances, and many DIY for kids. We have organized two large-scale water skiing activities as well as canoeing, bumper boat, water basketball and other nine recreational facilities. However, due to safety concern, applicants must be at least 6 years old. Other activities will be open to all age.
Ye Huan Hui said that the waterfront park will open three times a day at 10:30am, 1:30 pm, and 3:30pm. Each game will be 90 minutes long and can accommodate 300 people, which 200 people will register online, and the other 100 people will be able to register at the site. We will be opening 150 registration spots on 7/7 at 8am. The other 50 spots are scheduled to open on July 12 at noon. Parents who will only accompany their children and not use the facilities do not need to register.

For relevant activities and registration information, please visit the website: Travel Taipei (Taipei Riverside Kids’ Festival)