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Riverside Bicycle Rental Stations Closed for Annual Checkup Dec. 19-23

One of Taipei's riverside bicycle rental stationAs people prepare to bid farewell to 2022, Taipei City’s riverside bicycle rental stations will also be suspending operations for the annual checkup. The facilities will close between December 19 and 23. 


The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) reminds the public that the following riverside bicycle rental stations will be affected: Guandu, Dadaocheng, Dajia, Meiti, Jingfu, Muzha, Guanshan, Machangding (formerly Huazhong), and Caihong.


The agency pointed out that Taipei’s riverside parks have become popular destinations for residents thanks to their vast areas, making them ideal destinations for cycling. The riverside bicycle rental stations offer a variety of bicycle types for rental – from standard bicycles to ones for young kids. Furthermore, toddlers can also borrow balance bikes for free.


According to HEO, there are currently nine bicycle rental stations at Taipei’s riverside parks. With the exception of Caihong bicycle rental station which opens during weekends and holidays, the remaining eight stations offer bicycle rental all week round. The eight cycling rental stations will shut down between December 19 and 23 for inspections on all devices and gears. These stations also offer senior citizens and individuals with handicap certificate free handcycle rentals.


For more details, please visit the Chinese website of Kanmy Enterprise (Link) or call the company at: 02-2258-7425.