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City Holds Blood Drive, Offers to Accept 4,200 Students from Disaster Areas

To extend the City’s support to those affected by the floods in central and southern Taiwan, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin called on the employees of city hall to donate blood on August 13.

Hau later told the media that he is proud of the workers at city hall; he felt touched by their action, seeing so many people lining up to give blood following his call for blood donation.

To help pupils from the disaster areas to continue their studies, Hau pointed out that Taipei’s municipal schools could accommodate up to 4,200 pupils from the disaster-struck areas – including 200 high school students, 100 vocational school students, 600 junior high school students, and 3,000 elementary school students.

According to Education Commissioner Wu Ching-shan, these students will attend schools in Taipei through home stay programs during post-disaster reconstruction. The city government will cover their tuition and basic cost-of-living.