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The Taipei City Government (TCG) executes the urban renewal project in the Muzha section of Wenshan District by means of delegated demolition, taking into account both public interests and the rights of landowners.

TCG completed the delegated demolition operation successfully for the urban renewal project today. The site is divided into two reconstruction sections, A and B. The delegated demolition operation for this case is located in section A. The urban renewal project was approved for implementation on April 15, 2021. There is one household within the renewal area that is unwilling to relocate, so the urban renewal executor applied to TCG for delegated demolition. In order to assist the rights and expectations of most households within the renewal project, TCG executed the delegated demolition operation in accordance with the law on March 22, 2023, to safeguard the housing rights of most residents.


The Department of Finance (DOF) stated that after the urban renewal project, 282 units of houses can be obtained for use as social housing, making it an urban renewal project that serves the public interest.


The urban renewal review process for this case was open and transparent, and the opinions of households were also expressed during the process. The DOF further stated that as the agency responsible for managing government-owned land, it not only needs to safeguard the city's property rights, but also the urban renewal rights of all households, in order to share the benefits of urban renewal.