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City Establishes National Defense Education and Training Center

Mayor at the plaque unveiling ceremony for the centerMayor Ko Wen-je presided over the plaque unveiling ceremony for the National Defense Education and Training Center of Taipei City Government on September 15.
During his speech, the mayor remarked that this is an important milestone to enhance people’s comprehensive preparations. He also stressed that to avoid war, it is vital to prepare for the worst and maintain the ability to fight. He quoted an old saying from The Art of War: “Don’t rely on the hope of enemies not coming, but instead be prepared and ready for them.”
Ko pointed out that modern warfare is not as simple as military actions between two nations, and the parties must take into account international trends. Any regional conflicts will likely have profound impact across nations. The war between Russia and Ukraine reminds us to be alert and continue to carry out national defense education.
The mayor explained that the city government seeks to ensure the continued operation of the public sector at times of crisis and meet the basic needs of residents through the implementation of national defense education and training for citizens.
That is why continued training and education during peace time is the key to ensure preparedness of civil servants and strengthening mobilization during times of need. The ability to carry out emergency responses by public agencies and maintain chain of command during wartime help minimize damages in the case of war.
Faced with the looming threat of war at any moment, it is important to speed up the education and training of the populace in national defense. This is the only way to achieve an ideal scenario of high-awareness, high-support, high-participation, and high-preparedness among the public.