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Tips for preventing electric oven fires.

    Electrical appliances play an indispensable role in providing comfortable and convenience lives nowadays. However, failure to follow instructions and regulations, poor usage habits can increase the risk of fire.

    In Taipei City, a total of 299 fire cases caused by improper use of electrical appliances in the past five years, accounting for 10.6% of all electrical fires. Among them, the proportion of improper use of electric ovens was 11.7%, which ranked second after the proportion of induction cookers and electric stoves. Improper use of the electric oven includes food being placed too close to the heating element, excessive baking time, improper handling of food, and failure to clean the oven regularly.

    There was a case in Neihu District where an electric oven caught fire due to improper use, resulting in one injury. The cause of the fire was the improper positioning of bread that was placed too close to the upper part of the oven. The radiation heat generated by the quartz tube caused the bread to carbonize and catch fire.

    The fire department reminds the public that before using an electric oven, it is important to ensure that there are no other objects inside, and to keep the ventilation holes clean and clear. Overheating the food and keeping it too close to the heating element should be avoided to prevent the danger of food being carbonized and caught fire. Paper, plastic or other materials and containers that are not suitable for  ovens should be avoided. If there is an abnormal odor, smoke, or the power cord is damaged or poorly connected, the oven should be turned off immediately and remove the plug.

    Induction cookers, electric stoves, and electric ovens are the most common household electrical appliances. In addition to develop good cooking and living habits to avoid fires caused by improper usage, consumers should also check whether the products have a CNS mark before purchasing. Finally, follow the principles of “5 don’ts and 1 no” for electrical fire prevention-don’t overload, don’t damage wires, don’t dampen or soil, don’t plug in when not in use, don’t buy or use products without a safety label and no combustibles nearby. Check the safety of electrical products in bedrooms and living rooms regularly and cultivate good habits to create a safe living environment.


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The bread was placed too close to the heating element of the oven and caught fire.


The food became carbonized after excessive baking time.