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The New Construction Office of Taipei City won a series of awards for road inspection and maintenance operations, and received recognition from the Engineering Digital Innovation Application Award

After “Zhongshan and Datong Districts Urban Road Maintenance” won the honorable mention of the 21th Public Construction Golden Quality Award - Public Facilities Maintenance and Management category of the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, the New Construction Office of Public Works Department of Taipei City Government was awarded the 2021 “Engineering Digital Innovation Application Award” by the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering. The President of the Institute, Mr. Sung, Yu-Chi presented the award in person to recognize the dedication and efforts of the engineering team in the award ceremony held at New Taipei City Government.

The team leader of the Maintenance Team of New Construction Office, Mr. Li Chia-Lung, pointed out that New Construction Office has been committed to applying AI artificial neural network, deep learning and big data analysis technologies, etc. to road inspection operations since 2018 and has taken the lead in promoting the “AI Road Defect Automatic Identification and Reporting System” nationwide. The recognition rate has reached over 95%. This year, we also developed the innovative inspection equipment of “road environment inspection vehicle”, which collects images through 12 high-precision cameras and converts the data values into elevation models and orthophotos to achieve automatic defect detection and dimensional measurement, etc. (pothole size and depth, rutting area depth measurement), and combines the surveyed data with GIS platform and visual management of street map information to grasp more immediately and accurately as the basis for subsequent maintenance operations to provide the public with a comfortable, smooth, convenient and safe road.