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Senior Citizens to Receive NT$500 Vouchers for Receiving COVID Vaccination

Vaccine incentive posterWorking in line with the central government’s COVID-19 vaccine incentive, the Department of Health (DOH) announced that between May 24 and December 31, senior citizens 65 or above who receive any of the primary series or the first booster shot at contracted hospitals or clinics in Taipei City will receive a gift voucher worth NT$500. 


The details of the campaign are as follows:

Target: Senior citizens 65 or above (born in 1958 or earlier). No restriction on residency

Scheduled Inoculation Date: Between May 24 and December 31, 2023

Vaccine Appointment Location: Contracted hospital or clinic in Taipei City

Eligible Vaccine Shots: COVID-19 vaccine first primary dose; second primary dose; third primary dose (for immunosuppressed and those with qualified conditions), and first booster dose. 

Vaccination Incentive: Gift voucher worth NT$500

Required Documents: ID, NHI Card, and Vaccination Record Card (Yellow Card)


DOH reported that statistics from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control indicated a total of 5,758 accumulated domestic COVID cases between March 20 and May 14. Among these, senior citizens 65 or above accounted for 75-percent of the patients. This shows that senior citizens remain a high-risk group for developing medium and severe symptoms.


Another added benefit for COVID vaccination is that for senior citizens, the mortality rate of COVID-19 can be lowered by 40-percent. This can be seen by comparing the figures between fully vaccinated (3 doses) individuals catching COVID and unvaccinated patients. The agency calls upon senior citizens to complete their recommended 3-dose schedule as soon as possible. 


The agency reminds the public that starting May 1, hospitals and clinics will charge registration fees for individuals who make appointments at the hospital to take the shot. To look up vaccination information, please utilize the city’s Vaccination Info Website(https://booking.health.gov.tw/) to access information on vaccine types, available appointment slots at hospitals/clinics, and more. When visiting the hospital for the appointment, the individual should remember to bring the required documents.