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Wanan 45 Air Raid Drill to Take Place July 25

Wanan 45 Air Raid Drill posterThe Wanan 45 Air Raid Drill (in Taipei City) is slated for July 25 (Monday), between 1:30 PM and 2 PM. During the 30-minute-long drill, all vehicles and civilians will be required to follow evacuation procedures. Government agencies will also conduct operations spanning from traffic control to disaster response and rescue works.
The purpose of air raid drills is to raise awareness among the public on how to respond and know the locations of bomb shelters in the event of war. Through the drill, the city government is also able to examine its preparedness and condition of evacuation-related facilities to ensure the protection of lives and properties.
This year’s drill schedule has been announced beforehand (different dates depending on regions) and divided into several phases. The phases of the exercise include “Air Raid Warning Delivery and Dispatch”; “Evacuation and Taking Shelter,” and “Traffic Control and Emergency Rescue Drills.”
The sirens will sound twice – once at 1:30 PM at the start of the drill and once at 2 PM at the end of the drill. During the exercise, all civilians will be required to evacuate and take shelter. All lights should be off, and traffic control measures will be implemented across the city.
Vehicles, trains, aircrafts, and sea vessels will continue to operate as normal at airports, highways, and railways during this period. However, passengers disembarking from vehicles, trains, aircrafts, and sea vessels (as well as cars leaving the highway) must follow instructions and either evacuate or shelter accordingly.
While operations at public and private factories are allowed to continue, windows and doors at the facility must remain closed. Entry control of personnel must be implemented as well. Taiwan Power Company will not cut off power supply.
During the drill, civilians should comply with all measures related with the drill, as required under Article 21 of Civilian Defense Act and Article 12 of The Implementation Regulation on Air-raid Practice. Violators will be fined in accordance with Article 25 of Civilian Defense Act.