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SSO Incorporates Urban Aesthetics into Back Alley Overhaul

The overhauled back alley in Nangang DistrictThe Sewage Systems Office (SSO) witnessed the birth of the first visually-pleasing back alley which can only be realized by incorporating urban aesthetics into the new design!
Located between building number 2 and number 16 along Yucheng Street Lane 140, the formerly non-descriptive pathway experienced a “colorful” rebirth, thanks to the technique known as concrete stenciling. The overhauled back alley – now decorated with stencil patterns – gives the surrounding a unique and pleasing appearance.
Chief Tseng of SSO’s Public Works Section pointed out that unlike the traditional approach used for refurbishing back alleys which involved the use of roughcast, the process of stencil pattern imprint is carried out after the refreshed concrete is completely dry. Paper stencil patterns are then applied to the surface of the dried concrete, which is subsequently covered with different concrete overlays to “install” the patterns onto the surface. The final steps involve the removal the disposable paper patterns and application of a sealer layer to protect the imprint from elements.  
Borough Chief Lin of Nangang’s Wanfu Borough remarked that he is very pleased with SSO’s work result. In the future, the borough office will continue to maintain landscaping while the community management association will secure illumination equipment to create a well-lighted and safe back alley for residents.
According to SSO, back alley landscaping is an added benefit of the drive to raise Taipei’s sanitation sewer penetration rate. As of the end of July 2022, the agency has completed the landscaping for 2,373 back alleys in Taipei City. Through incorporating urban aesthetics into the design, SSO seeks to make back alleys an important factor in boosting the appeal of Taipei’s urban landscape.