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Safe, humanistic, and sustainable campus, transformation of Taipei City Dong-Xin Elementary School Campus

Initiated in June 2019, the “Taipei City Dong-Xin Elementary School Campus Reconstruction Project” of the Department of Education conducted through the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government has been completed lately. From a building constructed with poorly processed sea sand, it has been rebuilt into a brand-new safe, humanistic, and sustainable campus. Currently, the building has been opened for use by teachers and students. The project included one administrative block, the classroom block, and a kindergarten. Besides providing teachers and students of Dong-Xin Elementary School with a brand-new, modernized learning environment, the reconstructed campus also offers citizens a friendly leisure space.
According to the chief of Public Works Section, New Construction Office Chi-Lung Hsiao, Dong-Xin Elementary School is located in Nangang District, Taipei City, sitting near the Nangang Union Station and between local main roads, including Nangang Road and Chongyang Road, with different routes of bus running across, making traffic very convenient. It has also earned a Distinguished Bilingual Teaching Team honor. To provide Dong-Xin Elementary School teachers and students with a sound interactive teaching and learning environment, the new campus has been designed for five targets: ecology, creativity, the humanities, sci-tech, and safety with three blocks of buildings of different heights. With a total construction cost of about NT$580 million, the project occupying a site area of 19,511m2 is composed of RC structures of 2-4 stories aboveground and one-story underground, with a total floor area of 12,866.29m2.
According to Chief Yu-Ling Liu, Nangang Branch, Public Works Section, New Construction Office, during the construction period, the project was different from other projects because part of the fences was painted directly by students to bring teachers and students a sense of involvement. Additionally, imitation fair-faced concrete and porcelain tiles have been planned and designed for the exterior walls, with a pavement decorated with green plants and vegetation to provide residents in the neighborhood with additional leisure space. Public arts are also planned at the entrance to fuse the neighborhood environment with the school’s existing image. As most part of the project was constructed during the COVID-19 prevalence, leading to the constantly escalating construction cost. Hence, it was not easy to have the project completed as scheduled in the required quality.
According to Shih-Tang Wang, Director of General Affairs of Dong-Xin Elementary School, although there were project items with high-level noise during the construction, with sorry we thanked for the understanding of neighbors that facilitated the smooth project completion for students to have a brand-new campus. Special thanks should also be given to New Construction Office and Department of Education for completing such a quality teaching and learning environment.