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Mayor Accepts Donation of Ambulance at Muniang Festival Concert

The statue of Queen Mother of the West entering the concert venue during the 2023 Taipei Muniang FestivalOn April 30, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the 2023 Taipei Muniang Festival – Concert Promoting Mother’s Love and accepted the donation of emergency vehicles on behalf of city hall.

During his address, the mayor said that he is honored to visit Taipei Arena for the Concert Promoting Mother’s Love and receive the donation of emergency rescue and firefighting equipment. He expressed his gratitude to Songshan Cihui Temple which, under the leadership of president Kuo Yeh-tzu, continues to take an active role in supporting charity and public welfare and bringing the kindness of many to all corners of society. The temple’s generous gifts help to enhance the city’s capabilities in emergency aid and rescue.

Chiang remarked that Cihui Temple donated two ambulances and a firefighting patrol vehicle. Since 2011, the religious institution has gifted city hall with a long list of gears and equipment, including firefighting trucks, ambulances, support vehicles, patrol vehicles, and ECG monitors. During the COVID era, it contributed to the overall pandemic prevention efforts through the donation of key supplies.

The mayor remarked that it is his pleasure to report to the audience that the city government has put past donations to good use. In the past year alone, donated ambulances completed a total of 43,651 missions, which also include the successful rescue of 82 patients who suffered out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Promising to promote the Muniang spirit of compassion and salvation, he hopes that the Queen Mother of the West will give her blessing to Taipei City and Taiwan, bestowing peace and prosperity to all. Taipei City Government will continue to safeguard the livelihood of citizens, ensuring that the compassion of Muniang will pass down to future generations.