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Taipei Wins Award as Muslim-friendly Destination at HIT Global Summit 2023

HIT Award announces Taipei as one of the winners.The 2023 Halal in Travel (HIT) Global Summit 2023, organized by Singapore-based CrescentRating, has selected Taipei City as the winner of the HIT Award in the category of “Most Promising Muslim-friendly City Destination of the Year (non-OIC)” on June 1!


During her online address, Information and Tourism Commissioner Chen Shu-hui pointed out that the recognition by HIT Awards indicated the success of Taipei City in catering to the international market of Muslim tourism. she added that the honor will help boost the confidence among Muslim tourists for choosing Taipei City as their destination. It will also help raise the international profile of the city and increase the value of Taipei’s tourism industry.


To ensure Muslim tourists can enjoy peace of mind when they visit, dine, and stay in Taipei, the city government works with the central government to help local businesses and stores meet halal standards and the needs of these travelers. Currently, there are over 60 Muslim-friendly hotels and restaurants in Taipei, as well as over 30 tourist attractions that have prayer rooms and restrooms equipped with bidets.


According to the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT), the award organizer CresentRating was established in 2008. It collaborated with Mastercard to publish the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), which helped to establish the company’s reputation as leading authority in Muslim travel and tourism. In 2022, Taiwan won the HIT Awards in the category of “Inclusive Destination of the Year (non-OIC)” and second place in the 2022 GMTI rankings (non-OIC). 


The agency pointed out that in 2023 (up through today), the number of tourists from Malaysia have already exceeded 100,000. Roughly 60-percent of the Malaysian population are Muslims, and that is why TPEDOIT plans to visit the country in August to promote Taipei as a promising destination with access to a large number of Muslim-friendly resources, hoping to bring in more Muslim tourists.


The Taipei Travel Net also offers a “Muslim Travel Guide”(https://www.travel.taipei/zh-tw/must-visit/halal) section . The online material is available in Chinese, English, and Indonesian. It offers a list of Mosques in the city and a link to the Tourism Bureau’s list of Muslim-friendly shops and environment. There are also some suggestions for 1-day tours for Muslim visitors as well.