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Mayor Calls upon Residents to Get Vaccinated Before Anticipated COVID Spike

 Mayor Ko inspects progress of vaccination at TCH Zhongxiao BranchOn August 15, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at Taipei City Hospital (TCH) Zhongxiao Branch to inspect the progress of administrating COVID-19 vaccine second booster shots to eligible individuals.
Addressing the media, the mayor pointed out that Taiwan has already reported several domestic cases of BA.5. Health experts are expecting a wave of infections in the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.
As of today, the government has made available the second booster shot to the following groups: individuals above 50 years old; residents of long-term care facilities; individuals 18 years or older who are immunocompromised; medical professionals; port/airport/home quarantine inspection workers and aircraft/sea vessel crews; those working at social care and welfare institutions; and individuals 18 or older who plan to travel abroad for work, employment, diplomacy, or other related needs.
Ko also reminds those qualified for the vaccine to make sure that 5 months or more have elapsed since his or her previous shot before taking the second booster shot.
Regarding the low turnout for the second booster shot, journalists asked the mayor if he is worried about a possible resurgence. He replied that the city government is carefully tracking the trends in neighboring countries. In Asia, there are roughly 200,000 new BA.4/BA.5 cases in Japan each day, as well as increasing infections in South Korea and Vietnam. He cited health experts that Taiwan may see the number of daily new cases exceed 30,000 by early September.
According to the mayor, there is no point to take the booster shots too far in advance, since protection will start diminishing after 6 months. Therefore, in anticipation of a spike in September, the city government is seeking to vaccinate its residents starting now, making sure that we are prepared for the threat in time.
Deputy Commissioner Chen of the Health Department remarked that the agency continues to offer vaccination-at-home service, with over 300 people on the list for August. It is also working with district offices to arrange mass vaccination appointments for groups of 10 or more at TCH outpatient clinics.