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Shiyuan Road Sidewalk Overhaul Completed, Plays a Role in Preserving Old Trees

The overhauled sidewalk at Shiyuan RoadThe New Constructions Office (NCO) completed the expansion of a sidewalk along Lane 4 located between Muzha Road Section 1 and Shiyuan Road. 


The original sidewalk next to Yongjian Elementary School measured roughly 70 centimeters in width, making it very inconvenient for pedestrians – especially when a Chinese Hackberry tree leaning against the school wall becomes an obstacle for pedestrians. 


Chief Hsiao Chih-lung of the agency’s Public Work Section pointed out that Shiyuan Road is an urban planning road with road width of 12 meters. What’s unique about the road is that it has two separate road sections – one comprising of buildings with odd address numbers and another consisting of even address numbers. The section with even address numbers near Muzha Road Section 1 is bordered by the Examination Yuan and Yongjian Elementary School. Other facilities in the vicinity include the Ministry of Examination, Ministry of Civil Service, and Shih Hsin University. 


The sidewalk on the side of the Examination Yuan has a comfortable width of 3.5 meters, but the sidewalk on the side of Yonglian Elementary School measures less than 1 meter, making it impossible for two people to walk side-by-side. After exploring possible solutions with the local borough office and residents, NCO decided to push back the school wall to make more room for the sidewalk. The construction plan also includes the preservation of sidewalk trees without moving them. 


Director Hong Chen-ru of the Public Work Section’s Central Region Office remarked that a priority for the project is the complete preservation of sidewalk trees. Also, by reducing the area of the school walls and replacing cement wall with green fences, the Chinese Hackberry trees which have been stuck either between or behind the school wall are now “liberated,” allowing pedestrians to come into closer contact with the aged trees. 


Chief Chen Chih-ying of Huaxing Borough expressed his gratitude to local residents for tolerating with the noise during construction. Work has been completed in September with satisfying results and a more comfortable pedestrian space for all.