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Second Hauyin Street Dance Jam Carnival Kicks-off with Exciting Performances

Breakdance performance at the Second Hauyin Street Dance Jam CarnivalTo promote the profile of the commercial district, the Taipei City Huayin Street Pedestrian Zone Taipei Railway Station Commercial District Development Association worked with the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) to hold a series of activities under the second edition of Huayin Street Dance Jam Carnival starting in May.

On June 3, the festival reached a climax with the “Huayin Street Dance Jam Competition,” highlighting domestic street dance celebrities and Korea street dance instructor KELO – who served both as a member of the jury and an experienced dancer demonstrating exotic street dance maneuvers. Comprising two main competition categories this year (International Breakdance and Children’s Breakdance), the winners of the competition’s adult division will receive free roundtrip tickets to South Korea and hotel vouchers.

According to TCOOC, Huayin Street Pedestrian Zone is an important commercial district where many online auction sites, street vendors, and stores replenish their inventories, as well as a source of merchandise for many wholesalers. The city government has invested countless resources to help the commercial district development association organize activities that integrates local characteristics and business images.

With changing times, the merchants of Huayin Street are also working on transforming the neighborhood’s image from a wholesale haven into a hub for cultural creativity startups spearheaded by youths, as well as a diversified shopping center for products ranging from daily necessities to gourmet foods.

For more information about the Huayin Street Pedestrian Zone and exciting activities taking place at the commercial district, please visit the zone’s official Facebook fan page (https://zh-tw.facebook.com/pg/huayinstreet/posts/) or the fan page of TCOOC (https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/).