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Taipei City Recognized for Excellence in Road Quality by Central Government

The “Municipal (Provincial) and County Government Road Maintenance Evaluation” was conducted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in 2022 to evaluate local government performance on road maintenance. The merit award presented to Taipei City in the “Municipal (Provincial) City Division” highlighted the continued efforts and dedication of the Taipei City Government towards the improvement of the road environment.

Chief Secretary Chou Kuo-Ping from the New Construction Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, stated that the city has embarked on a pro-active campaign of urban road maintenance and pedestrian environment improvement. In addition to continued upgrades to road surface roughness, the city also sought to improve the effectiveness of road maintenance through the introduction of new road maintenance materials, techniques and visualization systems. In terms of the pedestrian environment, the city focused on improving accessibility and inter-connection of pedestrian networks. Upgrades now employ a “regional” master-planning approach rather than the legacy “individual road section” method. The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, gave the projects high marks in its performance evaluation program.

Section Chief Wang Chih-Liang from the Road Maintenance Section of the New Construction Office explained that the maintenance of roads and their associated facilities require constant round-the-clock upgrades and maintenance. Effective management is also essential to ensure the safety and convenience of city residents. Taipei City scored high marks in both policy and execution during the latest assessment. This reflected not only the efforts made by Taipei City Government in inter-departmental cooperation and their passion for serving the people. The results are also a great source of pride and inspiration for all involved city employees at every level. The Taipei City Government will continue to build on our past efforts to provide city residents with a friendly, comfortable traffic environment and a better quality of life.