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Introducing the Taishocho Lifestyle and Food Season

Poster of the Taishocho Lifestyle and Food SeasonTo stimulate the local economy and bring more businesses to Taipei’s commercial districts, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) has joined hands with the Taipei City Tiao Tong Shopping District Development Association to organize the Taishocho Lifestyle and Food Season. 


The festival will highlight 19 unique boutiques spanning beverage shops to restaurants, offering visitors deals and discounts. Furthermore, there is also a special “Tiao Tong Gashapon Raffle” from today through October 23, where participants have a chance to win great prizes by putting in a NT$10 coin. A lucky individual might find a discount coupon from Taiwan Yi Pin Beef Noodle in the gashapon!


According to TCOOC, the Tiao Tong Shopping District has been serving customers since the Japanese Colonial Period. There are numerous exotic restaurants and bars in the neighborhood – from Japanese eateries to American-style bars. The association organized the “Taishocho Cultural Season” in 2021, highlighting various themes including “Tiao Tong Drinks”, “Gourmet Galley”, and “Day-to-day Gallery” to attract customers. This year, the Taishocho Lifestyle and Food Season will connect the stores inside the district with businesses in the surrounding areas, greatly expanding the scale of the event.


Chairman Wang Ta-ming of Tiao Tong Shopping District Development Association remarked that the commercial district boasts a unique and exotic atmosphere due to its historical background. This year, visitors will able to experience the unique charms of barbeque stress, tea shops, and izakaya during the festival, thanks to a wide range of deals offered by individual businesses such as: check-in on social media for NT$5 discount; two cups of beer for two people who spend more than NT$1,000; 20% discount for those who spend over NT$300, and more.


For more information on the event, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of the Association (Link) or TCOOC (Link).