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Nearly Half of Taipei Citizens Prefer to Go Cashless for Their Payments

The preferred method of payment - cash and cashless -  were both 49%

According to the October 2022 poll by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of Taipei City Government, among 1,029 respondents, 49% preferred to pay by cash when shopping, while the other 49% preferred to go cashless (25% used credit cards, 18% used various mobile payment services, and 7% used electronic tickets).  Compared with the previous survey in October 2021, mobile payment gained by five percentage points, while cash lost by four percentage points.

Among the 954 interviewees who went cashless, 96% used it in the past year accounting for about 89% of the total 1,029 people and 80% of them used credit cards.  60% of the 915 interviewees, who used cashless payments in the previous year, were willing to use it in various consumptions but not exactly in night markets or traditional markets; 49% of them used cashless payments every week; Using cashless more or cash more were both 44% but using cash more was 3 percentage points lower than in the previous survey.

30% had participated in Maokong's activities, 34% wanted to participate in various activities in the coming year

Tri-Mao project, proposed by Taipei City Government, was focusing on integrate the Maokong tea industry, the Maokong Gondola, and the Taipei Zoo (pandas) to boost the development of the Maokong area.  However, only 15% of the interviewee awared of this project and 85% did not.  In the past year, three out of ten had participated in Maokong’s activities.  In the case of random prompts and multiple selections, the top three activities were vising the Taipei Zoo (19%), riding the Maokong Gondola (15%) and tea drinking in Maokong (14%).  A series of upcoming events of the Tri-Mao project including Maokong tea party, Maokong tea mountain tour, Latin Swaying Maokong Party, Maokong New Year's Eve Fireworks Party, agri-food education and experience, Taipei Zoo ecological education, religious events at Zhinan Temple and Muzha Zhongshun Temple were proposed.  34% of the interviewee were interested in attending but 48% were not.

Background Information of the Survey

This household telephone survey was conducted in the evenings between October 31 and November 4 of 2022 and successfully interviewed 1,029 people who were Taipei City residents aged 18 and above while 1,747 people refused to participate.  The margin of sampling error was under ±3.06 percent at the 95% confidence interval.  The telephone numbers were selected based on Taipei City residential numbers by replacing the last two digits chosen randomly as a random digit dialing sampling. The responses were weighted by gender, age, and household registration location.