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Mayor Inspects Gangci Social Housing, Praises Project Achievements

Mayor Chiang inspects Gangci Social Housing with city officialsOn May 1, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at the Guangci Charity Park Social Housing to inspect the progress of constructions. Accompanied by Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua and members of his cabinet, Chiang expressed his gratitude to city workers for supporting the project and helping the city government realize a flagship-level project.

He pointed out that the project is nearing completion, with construction at several facilities wrapping up in 2022. In the future, the social housing will not only provide residents with a better living environment, but also allow visitors to enjoy more convenient access to a number of public services via agencies stationed at the site.

The mayor remarked that with the relocation of Xinyi District Office to the neighborhood, the office environment at the community has seen a significant boost, allowing residents to access quality city services in a comfortable environment. The park complex incorporates the functions of social housing, social welfare facilities, and district administration office.

The staff members of city hall play key roles across the various stages of construction – from planning to budge allocation to project commissioning. The results are quite impressive, as seen from the list of accreditations including Public Construction Golden Quality Award, Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award, Accredited Aseismic Building Certificate, Accessibility Certificate, Green Building Certificate, and Intelligent Building Certificate.

According to Chiang, local borough chiefs have reflected a need to strengthen access to the park. He reported that the Public Transportation Office is currently working on plans for possible bus routes connecting the park to Songren Road, as well as lines linking the park to Songshan Railway Station.

Chiang also added that the C-section building of the Guangci Social Housing is slated for completion soon – sometimes between the end of 2023 and early 2024. The city government will continue to monitor progress to ensure that works will finish on schedule.