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Taipei Epiphanies: Show You Around in the History

Taipei Epiphanies


Taipei Epiphanies was published by the Department of Information, Taipei City Government in 2006.

There are more than 80 museums scattered throughout Taipei’s 272 square kilometers. Seldom cities around the world have such dense distribution of museums. Recently in Taipei, new museums have opened; old ones have updated their exhibits. Readers are advised to better renew their impressions on the museums in this city.

Even the old Taipei hands can not exactly identify or locate most, if not all, of the museums here in Taipei, let alone those new-comers. Taipei Epiphanies shows you around all the museums and their surrounding cultural hotspots here in Taipei.

17 selected museums in total are unveiled in this book, such as National Palace Museum, Museums of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Discovery Center of Taipei, Ketagalan Culture Center, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Taipei Story House…… In addition to the beautiful written paragraphs, hand-drawn guidance maps and professionally taken photos are provided, which guides our dear friends from abroad to the museums deep within.

Besides the museum information, the surrounding cultural hotspots and how-to-get-there information are also provided. With these, museum-trip is no longer a serious and boring stuff.

Taipei Epiphanies can be bought at National Book Store(Headquarters at Taiwan Television Enterprise), Wu-nan Culture Enterprise, Sanmin Book Store, and Linkingbook Publishing House, NT$500 for a set of 3 volumes.

Do read Taipei Epiphanies before taking a trip to any one of the museums in Taipei and you’ll find out that you are an Old Museum Hand of Taipei.