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Taipei Healthy City Map

Sports Map

Do you know there are actually many sports activity events going on each month all the time in Taipei? Ever wonder how many parks, recreation centers or bikeways are available to Taipei residents and visitors? The Department of Information from Taipei City Government has recently published a folded pocket-sized sports-facility map titled “Taipei Healthy City Map” to give you the basics on various city facilities including brief description of each location and their contact information. You’ll be surprised that many of the venues are well-maintained and provide various sports functions.

This multi-color map is written mainly in English with matching Chinese meaning to give foreigners easier access to locating the facilities. It’s designed to help English speaking visitors and residents find their way to these useful facilities in Taipei. The map is both small and compact to carry and help you find places to exercise, meet people, and most importantly, to maintain a healthy physical and mental self. Having this map will allow you to stay fit and to find out more about the city that “breathes.”

Each map is sold for NT$50 and available in the following Bookstores:

Taipei City Hall Bookstore Tel: 1999 (if you are calling from Taipei City)

Sanmin Bookstore 三民書局 Tel: (02) 2500-6600

Wunan Bookstore 五南書局 Tel: (02) 2705-5066