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Savoring Tea, Celebrating the Moon Festival in the Hometown of Tea

The Xiang Si Charcoal Kiln Speaking of the Maokong Community, the most popular pastime in Maokong (besides the gondola!) has to be its wide selection of teahouses. The Zhinan Sub-district Affairs Office of Taipei City’s Wenshan District will be hosting the Moon Festival party on September 8 this year, and citizens are invited to visit Maokong to explore a lesser-known historic relic – the Xiang Si Charcoal Kiln.

The Xiang Si Charcoal Kiln is a historic relic restored by the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) in 2018, and charcoal production in the charcoal kiln commenced in the same year using recycled Taiwan Acacia gathered after thinning. Furthermore, guided tours are arranged regularly every year to explain the charcoal production process. Besides allowing citizens to reminisce about childhood, the activity also promotes the benefits of environmental protection, recycling, and repurposing.

According to GEO Slope Conservation Section Chief Chen Chien-fan, this year's Moon Festival party consists of guided tours through communities with sloped farmlands, allowing visitors to experience the friendly neighborhood and become immersed in the historical ambiance of the charcoal kiln. At the end of the event, they can stop by the Tianliao Bridge Maokong Soil and Water Conservation Tea Garden to learn about slope conservation and other knowledge pertaining to soil and water conservation, such as farming village development. This educational activity is ideal for the entire family.

Zhinan Borough Chief Chang Chia-nan also invited the citizens to come to Maokong for the Zhinan Borough Moon Festival Party on September 8, which will take place at the Maokong Gondola Station square at 9:00 AM; besides singing, dancing performance and lottery, gourmet delicacies will be prepared for everyone's enjoyment. The GEO will also provide charcoal from Xiang Si Charcoal Kiln to the public free of charge. Citizens are welcome to join in the celebration!

Driving: Jianguo North Highway→exit via Xinhai Rd. and turn left→National Highway No. 3A→Wanfang Interchange (towards Muzha) →turn left at Muzha Rd. →turn right at Wanfu Bridge→turn right at Xinguang Rd.

Public transport: Take MRT Muzha Line, disembark at Wanfang Community Station, and transfer to Route S10 bus until Maokong Station to reach the destination. Alternatively, take bus no. 236, 237, 282, 611, Zhinan Route 1, 2 or 3. to National Chengchi U. Station and transfer to Route S10 bus to reach Maokong Station.