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Carry Your Backpack on your Front – Friendly Reminders in MRT Stations and Trains Starting September 16

MRT service personnel Propaganda “Hi! Due to the crowdedness of the train, please carry your backpack on your front or hand-carry it!” “Don’t use your cell phone when entering or leaving the train!” During rush hours (08:00-09:00) from September 16 to 20, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) staff wearing yellow vests can be seen at the MRT Taipei Main Station, Ximen Station, Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, and Daan Station reminding passengers about backpack and cell phone safety, thereby making the crowded commuting space more comfortable and preventing passengers’ backpacks from bumping into other travelers.

At the same time, passengers are reminded to refrain from using cell phones when entering, leaving the train or walking to avoid missing a step and falling. Besides reminders from the station staff, in-station announcements by celebrities and warning signs held up by the station staff will also be launched. Moreover, diverse methods in the form of train door paintings, station TV short films, and Shiba Says posters (2019 MRT Cultural Promotion Ambassador) will be adopted to let the passengers see and hear the messages.

According to TRTC, to alleviate the crowdedness of MRT trains during rush hours, minimize accidental bumping between passengers, and prevent the risks associated with using a cell phone while entering or leaving the train or walking, a series of backpack and cell phone-related safety reminders such as “hand-carry your backpack to create more space for everyone” and “carry your backpack on your front to ensure safety for everyone” will be conducted, hoping such practices will become another form of MRT etiquette that will be internalized among the public like the culture of yielding and queuing. Additionally, verbal reminders such as “don’t look down while entering and leaving the train” and “put your cell phone away while walking” will be promoted to ensure the safety of the travelers.

Taipei’s MRT system currently has an average daily ridership of 2.1 million trips, therefore the trains tend to be crowded during morning and afternoon rush hours, resulting in narrow standing spaces, and passengers with backpacks inadvertently bump into other passengers, causing their discomfort. As a result, TRTC has received several complaints from passengers in this regard.

TRTC commented that sometimes passengers’ backpacks get caught in-between the doors, causing them to open and close again. There are also incidences where passengers with backpacks leaning against the train doors are caught in-between the doors, preventing the normal opening or closing of the doors and resulting in delays, ultimately affecting other passengers’ schedules.

For more information, please refer to website of TRTC (http://www.metro.taipei/), 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345 or 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889).