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YDO Reopens Live Band Experience Center as First Step of Easing Restrictions

Poster announcing the center’s reopening With the easing of pandemic prevention measures, Taipei City’s Youth Development Center (YDO) announced that it will reopen the Live Band Experience Center starting May 18. The agency welcomes young people to come in and enjoy the experience while observing disease prevention protocols.

To ensure everyone has a great time at the center while staying safe, the center promotes the following measures:

  1. Frequent hand-washing and use of disinfectant sprays
  2. Lower maximum occupancy of rooms and observe social distancing
  3. Stay home if you feel sick or unwell
  4. Wear face masks when indoors
  5. Register with the front desk for contact tracing if necessary
To ensure the safety and well-being of people accessing the center’s facilities, YDO has reduced the maximum occupancy of the Live Band Experience Center: For large group practice rooms, the maximum occupancy has shifted from 50 to 25; For medium group practice rooms, the maximum occupancy has dropped from 15 to 6, and for the small group practice rooms, only 4 people will be allowed at any time. For multi-purpose classrooms, the maximum occupancy is now 6 people, while individual practice rooms only allow 2 people max.

The Live Band Experience Center also requires all users accessing the facility to leave their name and related information before entering. Users are also required to wear face masks when indoors, and no drinking or eating within the venue. For details on practice room rentals, please visit the following website (Chinese): https://tinyurl.com/yck58rcc