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Dotting the Eye of the 8-Meter ‘Lin Mo-Niang’ Float Praying for a Successful Lantern Festival and Peace and Prosperity of Taiwan

Taipei Lantern Festival (台北燈節) will take place on February 4th; and on February 11th, the very day of Lantern Festival (元宵節), the Westside City Carnival Grand Parade (西城嘉年華大遊行), the largest ever held in the old city area, will be marching down the roads. The highly anticipated Lin Mo-Niang (林默娘) float, which was 8-meter tall, 10-meter long and 5-meter wide, made its debut on February 2nd. Taipei City’s Deputy Mayor Chen Chinjun (陳景峻) et al rode a crane during the eye-dotting ceremony to match the height of the float, praying for a successful event and peace and prosperity of Taiwan.
The 8-meter tall Lin Mo-Niang float had everyone’s attention upon showing up. To make the eye-dotting ceremony possible, a crane was summoned and the Deputy Mayor Chen Chinjun was invited to dot the eye, Taipei Tianhou Temple (天后宮) chairwoman Huang xiufu (黃秀福) applied some face powder and comics artist Wei zongcheng (韋宗成) helped put on some lipstick. Department of Information and Traveling of Taipei City Government (觀光傳播局) Commissioner Chien Yu-yen (簡余晏), the Ximen Walking District Development Association (西門徒步區街區發展促進會) Board Director Liu jiaxin (劉家鑫) and the Paper Windmill Foundation (財團法人紙風車文教基金會) deputy Chief Executive Ren jiancheng (任建誠) together witnessed this ceremony and said hello to the many activities about to come.
The deputy Mayor Chen Chinjun stated that Taipei Lantern Festival has become increasingly youthful and international, attracting many foreign tourists and helping the local hotels see a 15 percent business growth. The deputy Mayor also stressed that the grand parade will march for 1.3 kilometers and the line will be 700 meters long with over 1,200 performers. He also urged visitors to take public transportations because Zhonghua Rd. and its surrounding areas will be under traffic control.
Taipei Tianhou Temple chairwoman Huang xiufu said that bearing in mind the idea of Mazu (媽祖) of helping mankind, Tianhou Temple has been devoted in charity work for the past 271 years. This time, they specially forged a Tianhou Temple float to celebrate the Taipei Lantern Festival and welcome everyone to come to appreciate the lanterns at Ximending.
The comic artist Wei zongcheng was amazed to see the character he created become three-dimensional. He hoped that Taiwan’s comics as well as other art works will have more opportunities to integrate with the local.
The Ximen Walking District Development Association, having been attracting tourists with its cultural-creative features, worked with the comic artist Wei zongcheng to promote the local comic industry and Ximending’s pop culture by making Lin Mo-Niang, the female protagonist in Wei’s comic book “The Apocalypse of Darkness Warfare”(冥戰錄), the guardian of Ximen Shopping District. The awe-inspiring Lin Mo-Niang float is now showcased on the sidewalk of Zhonghua-Emei intersection and will be marching on the day of the parade as the grand finale. Let’s light up the lanterns and dress up together for the old town area’s big event!