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TPEDOIT Renews Hotel Database

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) announced the updated Taipei hotel database on November 10. Being one of the main features of Taipei Travel Net, the renewed database now comes with a powerful search engine and provides detailed information on hotel rooms – from room prices to amenities.
According to TPEDOIT, the database is available in four different languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Users can access the database by visiting Taipei Travel Net (http://www.taipeitravel.net).
The hotel database contains information on over 300 hotels in Taipei City. To update the database, TPEDOIT conducted a general survey to collect the most up-to-date information on location, access, room types, room rates, facilities, and service performance. In addition, each hotel listing in the archive comes with three photos, giving users a glimpse of the actual rooms and facilities.
In addition, the new database comes equipped with a powerful search engine. The query parameters now include 16 search segments under four categories. Users can conduct search based on room price, location, distance to the nearest MRT stations and tourist attractions, the availability of parking lots, and more. The system utilizes Google’s actuarial computation on distance to obtain more accurate search results.
TPEDOIT reminds the public that there is no legitimate “minshuku” in Taipei due to existing regulations – with the exception of hostels in Yangmingshan National Park and ones operated by licensed recreation farms. The agency warns travelers that public liability insurances do not cover accidents at these so-called “minshuku”.
The list at Taipei Travel Net includes only licensed hotels and accommodations. TPEDOIT encourages tourists to utilize the database and look for licensed hotels that meet their needs.